Dr. Robert E. Lee originally established the practice that is now North Florida Animal Hospital in 1951 and practiced medicine here until his death in 1988. Dr. George W. Simmons came to work for Dr. Lee upon his graduation in 1988 and purchased the practice at that time. Dr. Simmons maintained the name of R.E. Lee Veterinary Hospital and was a solo practitioner until joined by Dr. Randy S. Fullerton after his graduation from Auburn in 1990.

In 1992, R.E. Lee Veterinary Hospital underwent its first major renovation and expansion. At that time the name was changed to the current North Florida Animal Hospital. Since then, the quality and size of the practice has multiplied significantly.

In 1996, Dr. Shane M. Burkhead, who had earlier worked at NFAH as a technician, returned from Auburn with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and joined Drs. Simmons and Fullerton. Major renovations were completed in 2000, as it became apparent that we were outgrowing our current facility.

Dr. Lynn T. Hagood joined NFAH in 2000, as he was a classmate and close friend of Dr. Simmons. Around that time, NFAH invested in an ultrasound and endoscope to further enhance diagnostic capabilities. To improve recovery from spinal and orthopedic injuries we have also added rehabilitation services with an underwater treadmill and a certified Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. Christy Valentine.


It is the philosophy of the founders of NFAH to continually improve the services offered by the hospital. This commitment of quality care is consistent among the doctors, specialists and other dedicated employees to enhance the overall quality of your pet’s life. We look forward to many years of providing you and your pets the best veterinary care.